Fujitsu Siemens Amilo A1655G, L1310G WLAN switch for Linux


The FSC Amilo A1655G uses only software switch to turn the radio on/off.

fsaa1655g is a module for Linux Kernel 2.4/2.6 that allows change the status of wireless card's radio on Fujitsu-Siemens Amilo A1655G and L1310G. It is based on fsam7440. But it takes many hours of debugging to find out the right I/O ports and commands.

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How to install

Well known installation procedure:

make install
modprobe fsaa1655g
Than you can examine the file
You can switch the radio with commands
echo 1 > /proc/fsaa1655g/radio
echo 0 > /proc/fsaa1655g/radio



Compiler cannot find config.h file
Edit fsaa1655g.c and delete the line which reads #include <kernel/config.h>.
Compiler cannot find symbol root_proc
Use the version for newer kernels.
Compiler cannot find arbitrary files
Make sure you have kernel sources installed.


This project is under GNU Public License. It comes without any warranty. The project developer is not responsible for whatever happens by using it.